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Firebird Raceway, Phoenix AZ

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Thursday, Sep. 26th. (yeah like tomorrow) I will hopefully make it down for Sport Compact Only night.

As of right now I have the turbo bolted on the scort, just need to tap for coolant and shim the wastegate down a few pounds. If I can get the scort running without it being a tuning nightmare I will be running 6psi of boost on 104 Racing Blue fuel. I´m guessing we will pull the plugs out of the car every pass too, so there will be alot of time for peeps interested in EGT performance to hang out. Or if your a ZX2 owner, come take a looksy...I´d love to run one of your ZX2 "HOT" models.

Matt, Pimp, Buckler Boy...hope to see you guys there.
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Well I drove the scort home tonight with the turbo all mounted up and stuff. Temps went well. Not boosted at all yet, need to hook up all my IC piping.

I honestly might not beable to make it, just because I can´t get a shop to do the downpipe to exhaust, and I dont really think I should drive for 300 miles round trip with an open downpipe.

Tomorrow will be the tell tale. Im pretty sure I´m going to go scort or not. I´m just worried the fuel pressure riser isn´t going to work right and we wont beable to tune it at all. Either way I´ll bum a ride down there.
Well last night we got the turbo bolted on. Oil and water cooled. So all I have to do today is hook up the IC piping so I can run it with some boost. All I have to do is find a place that can do the exhaust and I´m all set...I´ll be looking all day for it though.

3k rpms down the road and I can hear "Wwwwhhhhhiiiiiiizzzzzzzzz" --I´m in love!
Well I got the exhaust all hooked up, and actually picked up a sponsor. Prescott Muffler did a really tricky downpipe/flexpipe piece for me. It took them like 3hours and they only charged me for 1.25 hours of labor. So, if your in AZ you might want to check out Prescott Muffler for some really awesome quality custom pieces. Just ask for Steve or Trevor (they own the shop).

Anyhow, all I have to do is figure out how to get the compressed air into the throttle body. Need hoses, reducers, etc. And a couple brass fittings.

As of right now, even if I dont get the pieces together I want to drive it down to Phx.

Does anyone know if you can race with no bumper...my bumper wont clear my IC and IC piping?
Let me see what´s going on. I dont have the fuel system and ignition system in yet. Hopefully I can pick it up the following week. Install it over Thankgiving break time and make it to the track the one time after TG and before Xmas. Let me see if my other friends are going. I might cruise down and not race.
Well wait up, I almost forgot. I´m scheduled to work Tonight, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Since I wont get off work until 930pm or so on Thursday I wont beable to make it down to the track.

But, I honestly think I´m going to get fired like today maybe tomorrow at the latest...but I´ll keep you posted. But as of right now, I wont beable to make it.
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