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Firebird Raceway, Phoenix AZ

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Hey everyone in AZ. Tomorrow night is a special event for Sport Compact Only night at Firebird Raceway in Chandler. SCO night is a night for drag racing 4 or 6cyl sport compacts (and 1/4ton pickups).

There will be music, tons of people, and camera´s everywhere. I´m rolling down in the EGTturbo to represent FEOA, and TachedOut. Cruising down with me will be 2 non FEOA members. One in a 91GT, the other in a 95LX.

Last time couple times I went I was the only Escort to be found down there...this time I´m going to knock their socks off with the turbo installed. (to be honest I´m hoping it leads to a few pics and maybe some interest for some financial support to keep the escort moving).

Anyhow, its 10 bucks to watch 15 to race. If you dont have the money or time to be there from 730-11 to race/watch,

Meet up with us at In N Out on Ray Rd. at around 1030-1130pm.

For directions to Firebird, just hop on the 10fwy to Tucson and get off at the first Maricopa exit (go right). You´ll see the lights from the raceway from the fwy. You´ll make a left into the complex...just look for the Jag, Landrover, etc. logos at the entrance.

Hope to meet up with peeps from AZ.
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I´m considering going? but I was thinking it was tonight?
oh damn, if ya could make up some feoa flyers that include the web address!!
I´ll whip something up tomorrow. to bad I can´t make a banner in time. I could do some cool stuff on photo paper upto 48"x98´ (not a typo)! but it would be flimsy.

P.S. I did find out today is wed not thurs. I should be there along with tony from east phx and justin from queen qreek. I have both their number so I can catch them by cell phone if we have trouble finding each other.

I´ll see if I can snag a digital camera and make this an escort mini-meet. my vehicle will be a jeep so I´ll just be there to watch.
I have discussed this with my girlfriend (I can hear the cracking whip noises as I type) and she said we could swing by. We will be in a green Toyota Echo :-[ I wish I could bring the Scort, but it won´t go anywhere unless someone wants to duck down under the hood and do their best impression of a 4 cylinder engine.
Okay so I´m driving home from Prescott Valley tonight and something pops and now the escort isn´t running, idling, accelerating, or producing boost. I´m going to spend all morning when there´s some light out trying to fix the prob...lets hope its just the IC piping so I can make it to Phoenix.

06-02-2003 at 03:39, Pimp_scort_89_GT wrote:
I wish I could bring the Scort, but it won´t go anywhere unless someone wants to duck down under the hood and do their best impression of a 4 cylinder engine.


LOL ROFL i´m sorry, but this cracked me up and had me laughing nonstop. i´m gunna have to use this line sometime
LMAO yes that was funny as hell.

Jason: ACK! figures just when we got a few people ready to go. post up here the status and I´ll check it. I think tony from WEST phx is still planning on going. I had my PC crash so the notepad that was open with his and justins phone numbers got lost....so I´ll have to try to get ahold of him if this falls through.
I´ll be there tonight. Leaving at 615pm here in Prescott. Takes me about an hour and 45 to get to the track...but I´m planning on driving it slow.

I´ll be there with the other scorts if they show, a 3000GT VR4 (red w/ chrome 3spokes) or a 97 Eclipse GST (carbon fiber hood and wing, 380hp or so car) Can´t miss em´.

HOpe to see you guys down there. Take care !
well I had a good time tonight. met jason (blade) and his crew along with justin (pimp_scort). jason was having some trouble with his turbo setup and as such didn´t get to lay down a decent run. We will meet up again once he gets it sorted out. the theory seems to be fuel pressure issues from the riser.

It was good to finally meet both of you. I´m extremly motivated to get my ol´ scort going again now......especially hearing a BOV :-]
It has to be the density altitude down there. I still can´t explain the leaking pressure sound, or why I ended up hitting 9-10psi. But it kept happening all the way to In N Out.

Once we left and started coming up the mountain the scort started running a little better. By Sunset Point I was holding 6psi and accelerating like mad up over 100mph with no probs.

I´m still completely baffled....and really worried because I´m supposed to take the scort t Vegas next week to visit my old roommate.

I think we are going to try to re-calibrate the fuel pressure riser, or some how put a "boost controller" inline with the fuel pressure riser.

For those of you that weren´t there: I´ve been running the scort for the past week with no problems at 6psi. It slipped up to 8psi one night when it was about 18 degree´s out...but oh well no probs. I drove down to Phx to drag race and ran a [email protected] felt SO EMBARRASSED! I usually run through the traps in 3rd gear in high revs....I couldn´t get the scort through more then half a gear and the boost would leak and I would have to shift. So I ran through the traps in 5th babying it. Honestly, if it ran like it does up here at 5500 feet it would be a mid 15sec pass no prob on 5psi. The theory to the prob with the turbo set up is fuel. We are reasoning that for some strange reason the Escort is overboosting...the overboosting is causing my 12:1 fuel pressure riser to try to demand like 120psi of fuel pressure from the pump. Even though the pump is a walboro 255L/H at 90psi the thing just gives up.

I want to say thanx to Matt and Justin for making their way out to support me publicly embarrassing myself. I´m telling you guys...we are absolutely baffled. If you could see the Escort run up the 17. I could hold 6psi and do 90 and still keep pulling.
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no problem. I was excited to see it finally. I would have been even more pissed than you were. I´m sure we´ll be back out again next time.

it was a blast. Like I said I´m all motivated to get my car going now too. we´ll see...

I forgot to tell you. the second to last run this group of guys were like "why is he so slow" and their buddy turns to them and goes "some guys will do that". Like it was some great trick up your sleeve *L*

I must say I want a turbo super bad now!!
You forgot to mention the announcers comment: "Well the Escort seem to be having some problems getting to the end of the track."

That was funny what those kids said though. I don´t think they understand turbo lag. They must think that some guys start out slow and get faster toward the end to some how trick the other driver.
Do you know what your fuel pressure was, and you might have some timming issuses to.
Well Blade, I got to thinking. If the 12:1 unit works fine way up in Precott, and it doesn´t work down here, then a 3:1 won´t be any better down here since it will make you leaner than you already are. I think you need to put the bigger injectors back in next time you come down here. There is probbably enough oxygen in the air down here to support the extra fuel. I think your buddy was right, you do need to get an appartment out here just so you car tune your car right ;-) . I don´t think the fuel pump is having the prob since fuel pressure isn´t really affected by altittude. So if it works fine pushing 120psi up there it should push 120psi down here ok too. As far as the extra boost goes, I can understand that the density of the air would theoreticly make boost easier, but I always though a waste gate was supposed to open at its set presure no matter what. So why won´t it open at 5-6 psi down here?? I didn´t notice if your waste gate was in the turbo or external, but you might want to look into putting an external waste gate on there. It might be more reliable. Either that or hooking an elecrical waste gate actuator. Other than that, the setup looks and sounds nice. I love the way that Neon guy whiped his head around when he heard the BOV in the pits.
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