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Fine, ill post then!

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in racing, whether it be street or drag, which is the most effective way to launch? gimme good instructions
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I´ve tried slipping the clutch, dropping it, etc etc..

I´ve found the best way is to get at right around 3K rpms, then "softly" drop the clutch. This isn´t like slowly let off of it, this is more like letting it out, but a controlled letting it out. Then as soon as you have the clutch all the way out, floor it all out.

Takes only a split second to do, so it´s not some exceedingly slow and meditated thing.

If you do it correctly, you´ll get a small squeak and squeak from your tires through the full range of 1st gear, but no spinning, and then if you´ve got a quick shift into second, you should also chirp the tires when you hit second gear. I´ll see if I can get a camera borrowed from a friend tommorrow and I´ll video tape me doing it.

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actually, I´ve already got a video of a guy doing it in his EGT, hit me up on instant messenger sometime (badcolumn) and I´ll send it to ya.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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