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Well today i took the 280 mile round trip out to Georonimos shop (A very impressive shop actually) to strip down a smashed 95 LX he has there....
a broken socket, hurting back, few burgers, an engine hoist and a couple hours later, Georonimo, my bro in law and me pulled engine and tranny together... :twisted: :twisted: 94k miles... so i drove off with Engine, Tranny, Axles, hubs, and a pair of seats from what i dont know..(for very little $$$) lol
well heres some pix... ill have my scort back under its own power by thursday or so... (working alone)

Some scenery from Georonimos neck of the woods

The donor car

my bro in law when we were almost done

My new drivetrain finally home

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well while i was there i saw::
late 70's Datsun 300Z
Mazda MX3 V6
85ish Honda Civic Wagon
81 Mustang
93 Mustang (guessing on years)
3 96 mustangs
SPI Wagon
SPI 4dr.
Green Tracer Trio wagon
2 identical red notchbacks(not identical any more since one has no motor
white 91 Wagon
Ford LTD wagon
92 Honda Accord
Chevy Metro
Plymouth Trailduster
**edit** and a 99 Cobra

and an ass load of engines and trannys everywhere
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