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finally found my car´s problem

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remember the inconsistent acceleration, the bad noise, and all the other things that were wrong that i mentioned? well i went to my friend´s shop, because he has a 91 GT too, and he put on a new timing belt. it was really nice, he even found out what the hell was vibrating and annoying as hell, one of the pulleys was loose. you woulda thought that the other shop i took it to before would have seen that considering they did like 13 hours of labor. but no so now i got a new shop. man my car runs like new, it´s so nice. long live the GT!
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no, wait, check that last post...after driving my car again it was back to its shitty self...nope, now i know what´s wrong. That little pin on the shaft that comes out of the engine into the distributor (crankshaft?) was probably knocked loose from the temporary fix that the did on it two years ago to stop it from moving...so now i gotta go take it back and get the pin fixed so that it stays. man, my timing is crazy bad. i don´t know what i´ll do if that´s not the problem. might have to sell the ´scort
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i think that i may have had a similar problem earlier this year..
when i pressed down on the gas it did basically nothing much until i reached a high rpm.. and when i was driving it sounded like a lawnmower.. i took it to a couple shops and they said that they had no clue what was wrong... confused, i decided to just do a major tune up on all the things that i could possibly do at the time.. i replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor, changed my oil.. the normal stuff... it turned out to be a faulty spark plug wire.. the wire wasnt igniting the spark plug and therefore made my timing horrible and made my car putter... i dont know if this helps you in the least bit.. but it sounded as though it was the same problem as i was having... i replaced the plugs and wires because that is what the troubleshooting section of the haynes manual recommended that i do.. try it.. it may work...
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