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Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber rear hatch

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Checking to see if anyone would be interested---I cut the inside sheet metal out of the hatch to lighten it for a race car project---got it pretty light but it's very flimsy/distorts very easy. I figure once I get the lexan in it and bolt it to the car it'll be better, but there's no way I could mount a wing on it without going through to the floor/rear framerail.

I called Precesion Porsche Conversions who supply me fiberglass roofs/kits for the Boxsters we build and he said he could make one for less than a grand---probably closer to $700. I asked him what a hood would cost and he said about the same. He's not a production facility so he doesn't kick out ton's of hoods for $300 like you see on EBAY---but he'd be willing to do a couple of rear hatches for me...Any interest?
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Definitely keep me in the loop on this Jim! I tried to get a custom CF hatch made a few years ago, but the company went belly up before we could iron out the details. I was going to send them a hatch along with my Rod Millen Top Lip Spoiler, and get them to make both out of CF for me.

The only concern that I have is that the size of the 5-door hatch may be slightly different than a 2 door hatch. I have seen several people through the years swap coupe hatches onto the 5-doors, and they don't quite line up right.
I will do a little more leg work, to see if the coupe and 5-door hatches are the same. If they are... then I am definitely interested. I'll let you know what I find out.
will this new route possibly be functional hatches, or still non-functional?
Very nice!!!
yeah, you can probably even out the lines given a little more time. How do the edges look? Specifically the edge at the front of the hood. Does it have a nice rounded edge, or is it kinda sharp?
just FYI Jim... I have CF hoods on both of my Escorts, and the bolt sizes are smaller on both. I just hit up Lowes and got some allen bolts.
Awesome man! I was wondering if there was any news, but didnt want to jump the gun on it. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
They turned out beautiful! How hard was it to remove the stock rear window?
ok... we use piano wire to take windshields out, so that isn't a problem. I want a new rear window anyway, since the lower 4 bars of my defroster has never worked.
I prefer the indent... as I spent a pretty penny for the Laser rear garnish.. and I think it will look good against the CF
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