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you will be doing a lot of things twice. yes it will make the GTX swap easier. but you will face a bunch of problems. for starters. The wiring between an SOHC(BP-ME) and a BP-DET are different in the mazda. the sohc has 2 less pins on it's ECU compared to the BP-DE, a different disty, and thus a different wiring harness for the disty. The difference between wiring a SOHC and a GTX is quite big.

While the block will be the same, The mounting point between the BP-DET and the BP-ME are the same. so in that regard you will have the engine mounts. the F series tranny(sohc) is weaker than the G series tranny which is tyipcally mated to the DOHC. this could prove painful down the road, When your tranny decides it has had enough. Also you will need to swap the axles from the DX should you decide you want to go with the mazda tranny. the F series tranny has axles with 22 spines while the G series tranny's have 23 spines. All these are things to concider.
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