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I started thinking today.. after looking at a 93 EGT... looked pretty nice and had some after market stuff done to it... that i should make up some pamphlets.. not even pamphlets.. that just say.. www.FEOA.net and print it out and stick it in their windsheild.. i bet i could stick like 15 around here.. just for funs and spreading the word. Is there any harm expanding the community.. well anyways.. here was what i was thinking.. lemme know

Ford Escort Owners Association

*any other ways of doing this that may be catchy.. or professional.. lemme know.. i wanna do this.. *
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hey.. that sounds pretty cool. i will do something like that around here (NE Ohio) and c what i can come up with. :-D
Actually at one time we did have a flyer that Slapyo created for that reason. It was on the old site and you just saved it, printed it, take it to copy place and Xerox more copies and place then on other Scorts. I think I still have the flyer saved on a disk on my desk somewhere. Let me try to find it and I´ll post it up. ;-)
I was gonna say "I thought we did!" *L*. and I thought I created? damnit donnie keeps getting all the credit *cry*

although he has done most of the updates lately.
Sorry Matt, I didn´t know you did that. Thanks for clearing that up man. ;-) Your just as much part of the reason this site is running smooth man. Thanks bro.
I have a little flyer that I made, actually 4 fit on one page. I´ll see if I can dig it up and post it.
*L* the sad thing is I really don´t know if I did the one your talking about. I´ve been around since a little before NEPA!
heh i had one WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back at the beginning of FEOA. then when matt and i got together on the site matt made a cool one. u still have that file???
well lets get with the times and create a new.. youthfull one... one with the wits and talent of many escort owners.. but we cant give them too much information.. just spark there interest ?
I´d love an FEOA pamphlet to stick on scorts round here!

I´ve been thinking this for months, and had no idea someone had already done it.
I´m sure it´d bring some new people to the site. Probably more regular folks than enthusiasts tho, cause I never see modded scorts here.
:p But hey, it´d be great to be able to help out some fellow scort owners!


someones gotta do this ! i have no talent so i want someones help
Okay, I´ll work on something and see what I come up with. If anybody has any ideas but doesn´t have the technology/know-how/skill, let me know and I´ll see what I can do.
I´ve been thinking sorta the same thing, except for pamphlets we make business cards that say "feoa.net" and have your feoa nickname and email address on it. I think a box of business cards are slightly cheaper than pamphlets but I could be wrong.
i agree with the business cards, but the problem is i think if u put it under someones windshield wiper it may be to hard to see. someone in an early post said something about a pamphlet that fit 4 on a piece of paper. i think that sounds like a good idea. just my 2 cents!!!
True but you can shove business cards anywhere, just like the pamphlets, you can shove them in the door sill so that when they go to unlock their car it´s right there. if they miss it then they don´t deserve their Escort, and should hand it over to me. title and all. :-]
ok... i was bored and i had photoshope open so... i made a flyer thats 4x5" so 4 will fit on a sheet of paper. please let me know what you think so i can maybe change some things and feel free to use it as much as you want!!! I almost forgot... thanks rellimpk for letting my use the pic of your car!!!

geocities hasnt been really reliable... so here is a
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make sure that if you do this , it has feoa spelled out some where, that way people know for sure what it means.
yeah... i spelled it out right under the logo... anyone thing ne changes need to be done?
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