Mods, apologies if this isn’t allowed, but as I looked over recent posts there’s not much here and I’m old like probably in the first group of guys to join FEOA from ERDT. You other old timers might remember me, I got Darryl to make the GB for the lower tie bars by guaranteeing to purchase a few sets, I also got the GB on the fiberglass front bumpers by buying the first few, and did the first 2nd gen with 3rd gen PW swap and other interior swaps etc.
Anyway, I’m entertaining the thought of selling my beloved (but not loved much lately lol) 91 Tracer LTS. It has been sitting in storage in my garage for 12 years! My old lady at the time was just a b***ch about my cars, made me sell my 79 Z 28 and never let me work on my LTS because they weren’t family cars lol. I had just replaced the fuel pump and fuel gauge sending unit and then last time it was driven the clutch slave cylinder went out and it hit the fan with her blah blah blah. It sat out for a year on a gravel driveway before I towed it to my current house and put it in the garage. It’s buried in my garage, I’m sure it has rust now (it didn’t back then), when it say out someone stole the cat and rad/evap way back then before it was even a thing.
It is the burgundy color.
It has the factory moon/sunroof and 5 spd.
And if the planets and your wallet are in alignment, you’ll get some of the best and rarest goodies ever available.
Look at my avatar icon and my page pics to see the car.
I was always working on it and upgrading until you know who.
I had installed the rear SR Tokico-Eibach strut-spring kit, I never did the front. I also planned a GT-x turbo engine swap didn’t get to it.
What you would get is the car AND:

The goodies:
JDM GT-x complete engine
Haltech standalone (MSD ign)
Partial turbo completer parts (dsm fmic, some mandrel bends and adapters, bov, fmu)
Aluminum flywheel
S/R Tokico-Eibach front strut-springs NEW
S/R Energy Suspensions poly bushing kit NEW
CorkSport Front and Rear strut braces (essentially NEW, fitted and removed)
Darryl front and rear lower tie bars NEW
Extra set of LTS wheels.
Two sets ‘99 Miata SE 16” wheels
MX-6 gear swap gears
MX-3 “Recaro” front bucket seats (installed)
MK-6 HVAC panels
MX-3/Pro LX center dash console and lower dash conversion (black/dark charcoal)
Pro LX door cards (black/dark charcoal)
Pro LX rear seat back (for the trunk pass-through armrest)
Pro LX side mirrors

Some more:
Extra set of color matching doors
Complete floor pan cut out (had the idea of converting to awd)
Extra front and rear glass

And more:
And anything else I can find, but I had a
crap ton of stuff brand new like LUK Plus clutch kit, steering and suspension parts, hoses, belts, timing kit, filters, and then all the misc extra parts like spare switches, wiring harness plugs, on and on.

This is a gold mine and it’s killing me to make this decision.
Let me know what you all think that price is not what I’m after but I had to put something. If you happen to be in the southeast OH Athens area you’re more than welcome to make arrangements to take a look. Currently I’m not posting this anywhere else.
Thanks for your time, Bill