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Federal refund!!!!

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HEEEEEEEEEELLL YEAH! I´m gettin 726 back from the feds and I´m putting that STRAIGHT into getting my tie rods replaced, my KYBs put on along with the Suspension tech lowering springs I´m getting & a Strut tower brace and I should still have some cash money left over for a radar detector (to not have to be so paranoid)!! yeaaaaaah!!!!! I can´t wait! shoulda done my taxes two weeks ago. :-o :-]
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damn dude, what do you get paid under the table, and don´t pay taxes through the year? :-?

10-02-2003 at 07:59, Zeemax wrote:
Bruhahahahaaaa! I got you all beat. Try $3100. That´s the advantage of having itemized deductions, lots of donation/contributions and now 2 tax credits for the kids. My son Zack was born in August and according to taxes he´s worth like $2600.... Though I don´t recommend having kids for the tax break, it sure does help.


Sounds cool Zee but how much of that exactly is goin into your car? pretty much all of my 726 will eventually end up being put towards my car at some point ;-) I´m just happy that I did get that much back. It´s the biggest amount I got back since I started working. :-D
Well it´s for the greater good 50% family, 50% automotive. ;-)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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