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well everyone, i´m off for the army in about 6hours. i´ll be in fort benning georgia for basics, and i´ll graduate sept. 13, go to ait for another 9 weeks to be a mechanic, and then i´ll come home for 16 days, and make my return as a soldier. it´s been great knowin you all, and may our paths cross again, unless you´re an MP or regular cop. in that case, you already know they will.
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hey man, have fun and enjoy but also be careful. drop by every once in a while and say hi when you get a chance. if you get shipped off anywhere after all your training let us know where.
Maybe you´ll get lucky and get to go to Europe, then you can get yourself an Escort RS. Dude I´d be so jealous. As far as the Army goes, I didn´t much like being there, but there are always the good times that do come along every now and then that you will always remember. If you ever get orders to Ft. Campbell run screeming though. 101st Abn isn´t all it´s cracked up to be.
Hey military life isn´t so bad. I´ve almost been in the Air Force for a year now and it´s pretty cool.
Trust me, being in the Air Force and being in the Army are two different worlds.
You got that right....all i do most of the time is eat pizza and watch cable tv inside a building. You should have heard the people complain when the remote to the tv broke. It was like the world was ending or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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