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Anyone in US interested in the start of the new F1 season - if so, what do you make of the new rule changes?

I stayed up to watch - 2.00am UK time - thought the first quarter a bit of a muddle - but on the whole, it was quite a bit more interesting than last year´s race - MS gets my vote for "driver of the day" by finishing a very close fourth with half his car missing - what a star!!

Twit of the race for me, goes to Montoya, what ever did he think he was doing!! Will he ever win a grand prix?
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:-D Wow - thought no-one on this site but me was a F1 freak - I am a huge fan of MS although, like yourself, I sometimes wonder ....... :-? There´s no doubt that he is the most terrific driver - does make me ask myself why on earth do teams need all their paraphernalia when MS can finish so close with "a mechano set" in pieces? I agree with you about the cars being locked up after qualifying - surely some of the challenge for the pit crews and drivers, is setting up the cars in race-trim compatible with the weather and track conditions on the day of the race - of course, Ferrari are excellent at this, so is probably one of the reasons for the change. :-?

Anyway, time will tell and, yes, I´d love to chat with the other F1 fan through the season! :-D

I suspect the rumours about Button are, in part, true - I´ve also heard similar about Villeneuve - who knows!

TruBrit92Scort, 14U2C

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12-03-2003 at 19:19, MadBrad wrote:
I´m slightly surprised to see a Brit MS fan.


I´ve been a huge fan of Ferrari for a very long time and waited so many years for the team to come good again, that when MS came on to the scene I was delighted. I know team orders have always played a (perhaps) bigger part with Ferrari than other teams but nevertheless it was because of Michaels´s talent not only as a driver but as a ´setter-upper´ that Ferrari wanted him - and he has certainly more than played his part in his team´s success. I have always felt uneasy about strategic manoeuvres to win races for one particular driver but it has always been a ´team game´ and other teams have used just such methods when necessary. However, the rules have now changed and we can only wait to see how things pan-out as the season progresses. It will be interesting to see what happens when all the bits come off!!

As for Brit. drivers, my favourite as a character was Herbert - never could get a good enough car though - apparently had a torrid time with Sauber (who hasn´t). David Coulthard, sadly, talks more good races than he drives - maybe he will come good, but I suspect Kimi will be the better racer of the two.

I shall be up again at the crack of dawn for the next round! :-(
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:-( Sorry - forgot to give poor Rubens a mention - he has improved beyond all recognition in the past two years and deserves a lot of credit for helping Shuey to his champs.
Good to see some more F1 fans responding. We have pretty good TV coverage in the UK - national independent station.
Sadly, I have to admit to being a "playstation" F1 driver and am TERRIBLE!
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