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My amp killed my battery and my starter is sticking. :-Y
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one thing about the MTx amps and subs.......DONT BUY THEM.....no matter what anybody says. any reveiws.....now about the battery draining, if you have a switch, do not forget to turn it off, with your remote it shuts off with your radio, now im not a fuckin rocket scientist with car audio, but i am a part of DeepViBRatIOns.....a illinois based sound team....after i fix up the car ill show you. What im running right now is a HART 12" square sub, pounds ass, powered by a Soundstorm 500w*2....and im runnin a 1 farad cap. As for the starter, i had a problem with mine, but you have a different car, and personally id keep an eye on the starter, mine had to be replaced, on my dads bronco the same thing happend, he had nothing extra, what happend is that his solenoid went i think, it fried wouldnt shut off. thats all i know really about the starter, any questions about a system go ahead and ask
if i must say, ive had alright experience with MTx too...its just that for the same price i had some IMPP 10s and it hit harder....and my HART 12 that i got now...probally will out hit most of your cars now....it out hit my brothers prize winning neon....there fore to further define why i feel this way.....everyone can do much better.....if you want an amp....go audiobhan.....as for the subs....there is a lot of alright companies.....i had a sound specailist decide what would hit the hardest in my 300 price range...and that was it.......my hart 12....opinions are just that....my opinion is mine...and quite a few others....but what do we know right?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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