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Does any one know if they make eyebrows for escorts? If not does anyone know how to make them? [email protected]
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I don´t know if any company makes them but Sleeperscort did! Check ´em out in the showcase. He´s the white Escort.
There are no eye-brows that are production made for the Scorts.
Most are being made with vinyl decal material stuck onto the lens itself (some other people have just painted theirs on also)

´91 ELX H/B
´93 ELX Sedan

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we have ford escorts do we really have a choice? help me out here im deff gonna get a black carbon fiber hood so should i paint the eyebrows black or get them color matched (red) to my car?
do they make c/f hoods for escorts? I know in order for a group of mx-3 guys to have some made for 500 usd there needed to be 20 of them. very expensive hoods unless you own a honda :p BTW onderground design kicks ass, very good quality(not that it would matter with eyebrows). I can´t wait to see their widebody kit for the mx-3. :-]
yeah they got carbon fibers for scorts. Around 400 bucks though I think. Look really good on the car too.
I think you should get the eyebrows black, match em with the hood. Frankly I think hoods that aren´t colour matched to the rest of the car look bad but that´s just me.

And 91scortgtboy, you now have 311 posts. Until you post again you have an immense amount of respect from me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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