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I am about to drop a '97 2.0L into my '95. I have some questions about exhaust.

1- Will pretty much any exhaust that fits a '91-'96 1.9L fit on the 2.0L as well?

2- I've read many gripes about Pacesetter headers. Anyone who has one please post on your satisfaction with them.

3- I've read about the exhaust manifolds from 1st gen GT's being header-like and compatible with some other motors- would they work on a '97 2.0L?

4- I want to upgrade exhaust but I want something mellow that gives me more power. This car will be a part time pizza mobile and I don't want to have to take it easy all of the time because I might tick someone off with noisy exhaust.

5- What about replacing my catalytic converter. Does the stock one on a '95 flow well or should I replace it with another?

Thanks!!! :wink:
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