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Escort XR3i Tuning

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My brother who owns xr3i 86 has raised engines compression ratio. Befor it was ca 9 but now ca 11. Solution for this is easy. He had changed Escort XR3i 1.6 cvh engine pisont to 1.3 cvh (81 karburator). They fits perfektly! Ther is only one problem, you need high octane rating gasoline.
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Yeah, I played around with numbers and realized its the same when you go turbo. Running 10lbs the compression is comparable to 11:1, so I would need like 104 octane. My friends said its okay as long as I´m using an ignition that retards the timing, and by using colder plugs to prevent the detonation, so I´m guessing you could use the same solution.
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