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Escort Twin-turbo ?

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Hi, i would like to know if its possible to convert single turbo bpt for be a bptt ?
We see some people recently they have 3 turbos. so, what this do more ? If its possible to add turbo from a the bpt ?
thanks for information.
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I think it´d be pretty sweet to twin turbo an EGT, but theres a few problems that i can see. 1. how the hell you gonna fit that under the hood? cause i don´t think you´d wanna put your second turbo in the passenger seat
and 2. twin turbos are sequential turbos, meaning there´s a small and a large turbo, the small for low rpms and the large for high rpms. Aren´t you going to need a computer from say a twin turbo Supra or something to make that work? I dunno maybe it´s my own ignorance on this subject but i´m just really trying to figure out how that would work.
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well, the only way I want to get a twin turbo would be if they were sequential, that way I can still be putting 127 hp to the ground from start to 3500 rpms, then let the bigger turbo take over to 7000 rpms. I´m going to try to get into a dyno jet tomorrow, if they have openings to see what exactly my car is putting to the ground. When I get this done, might not be this weekend, I´ll post it up with the rpms to hp.
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