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Escort on Ebay...Looks nice

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check this out guys...is it one of us who is doing the auctioning off?

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that does look like a nice scort, well the engine. but i got a little problem with what he says:

Around 175-180 hp to the wheels.

i´d need a list of what was done to the engine, cause all he says is everything you could do to an engine.
Gude´s package is supposed to give you an extra 40hp with only engine work. Combined with an intake and exhaust setup, I´d think you could see 170 at the crank possibly, not the wheels. Also noticed there´s nothing showing on the exhaust side, so can´t tell if there´s a turbo or not....
I would never even consider it without being able to see it in person.It´s 11 yrs old and not one shot of the body,interior,and a very vauge description.Yeah let me send the check right away.NOT!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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