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Escort GT w/auto for racer?

Discussion in 'Circle Tracks' started by gearhead4444, Mar 10, 2011.

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    hi, i just found a gt that i would like to use as an enduro racer BUT its an automatic :( i havent got it home but the guy says it runs awesome but theres something wrong with the tranny. he said it moves so i guess ill have to see how bad it is. i was hoping to just gut it and throw a cage in it cuz its really rusty and dont think it would last too many races,
    but my question is has anybody used a gt automatic for racing of any sort and does it work somewhat decent? i race 3/8th oval and with my previous gt 2nd gear was awesome. would 2nd gear in an auto about the same? or how fast will the auto go in first?
    i do have a 5 speed tranny i could put in it but 2nd gear was popping out the last race i ran it in and the clutch was starting to slip so i dont think it would last at all.
    any opinions appreciated, thanks gearhead

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