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Escort Cossie spotted....in a childrens book!

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i was at work today (i work at a book warehouse) and came across a book called Big Trucks...or something like that. anyways on the cover was a picture of a blue and yellow Michelin sponsored Ford Escort Cosworth rally car complete with night time driving lights attached to it. i flipped to the spot of where it was and it showed the car and next to it said "Rally Car". i think its pretty cool that an Escort is on a childrens book. wouldnt you all agree?

also another book we have called Four Stroke Performance has a Cossie on the front cover pictured as well. this one was setup as a road course race car.

you should be able to find thses at Barnes And Noble and on Amazon.com in case you may wanna look for em.
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Well, the cossie is considered to be the definitive rally car by many a rally snob ;-)
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