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Error codes fight.

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I was fighting with my error codes. I fixed one and one left. I had it for a long time...since I installed intake. code is 538. Brief wide open throttle not sensed during self test or operator error also know as "goose" test. If anybody knows how to solve this problem plz reply!
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Did you follow the procedures for the goose test in your instructions for the code reader to the letter?I encountered a similar code about five years ago on a gm when i was working in a shop.I can´t remember the out come but i do remember trying to figure it out for ever.Did you perform the test?or is it an old code?
LOL PTMD I didn´t follow the instructions just because I lost my manual for a code reader about the same time when this code started to appear:)) But I found info that I need. You start your engine, turn code reader on. There is gonna one pulse which will indicate that test is running. In the same time your fan will go on as well as idle will go up. It´ll last for about a minute...then there gonna be another pulse which will indicate that you have to quckly open and relize TB half way.(Well that the part I missed). Then there will be 2 quick pulses which indicates that test is completed. And then your error codes will appear. Goose test is really important for fuel/air mixture on low rpms.
Well I´m glad you found it.Just sorry I couldn´t remember the steps.Oh well at least I had the same experience so ya didn´t hvae to hunt and peck trying to figure it out.Hey, if I´m ever way off please tell me cause every one has different experiences, and it´s good to learn all you can so you have more to draw from.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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