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I am curious what exactly what cars engines can be put into a 91 escort gt like i know the mazda protege has the same engine but i don´t know what years it had the same engine also are there any other engines that will bolt up to the escort tranny? I am gonna be making a trip to the pick your part and if they don´t have a 91 gt i am just wondering how many other options i have?
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90-91 mazda protege lx and 91-96 escort gt.
thats it just one engine??????

29-04-2003 at 12:45, MikeyB wrote:
thats it just one engine??????


You can do just about any engine you want, but you will need slight to major modification to the engine mounts and or tranny/ecu.
maybe im mistaking but don´t the protege have the same "1.8" engine but they are not dohc??
no they have the same 1.8 as a gt, and that model will also have the rear discs! i think the mx3 used it also. there sohc i think is a 1.8 also same block diffrent head! if you wanted to you can do a v6, 2.0 single and dohc. gtx 1.8 there are a few!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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