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Its only 95.5/96 and up that are OBD2
You should be ok with any motor between 91-95
95.5-96's might have afew differnt sensor that will need to be swapped over.
Heck as long as your at it, try to find a 97 Escort Motor, it requires just a little bit more work (very little bit) than a 1.9 motor, but has 25% more power.

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Re: A newer motor in my '95

chrismiller said:
Could Jeffescortlx or anyone else 'splain some more about a '97 and up motor??? How much work is involved? What needs to be swapped? How about the computer, sensors, wiring harness, motor mounts, accessory drive (especially A/C- it's gettin hot!) ? I am pretty sure that my car is NOT OBDII compliant (it's got a computer hook up under the hood, none under the dash). Will my 5-spd tranny hook right up?


I have a "how to' some were around here with step by step instruction, just search for it.
but to answer your questions:
you dont need to swap computer
you dont need to swap wiring harness
Your A/C will still work and all accesseries
Auto or manulal will bolt up.
Motor mounts are the same
You will need to swap over any sensors that are not the same, and refit the air intake tube.

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PonyExpress said:
there arent many sensors on the escort.

youd need to swap at the very most:

cam sensor
crank sensor
O2 sensor
coolant temp sensor and switch
MAF sensor
intake air temp sensor
oil pressure switch
possibly the idle air control valve

id use the old OBD I ignition module too, just in case..dont know if theyre interchangable.

you see there isnt much different to it. the absoltute hardest part, besides find an engine that isnt too expensive, is taking off the intake manifold to get the cam pos. sensor out.

if you are taking the 1.9 out, its best to put a 2.0 in. you'll thank us after its done.
If my memory serves me right, the only sensor that are different are:
Throttle Pos. Sensor
Idle Air Control Valve

the rest are either the same (as 96) or stay with the car and computer wires.
Throttle cable is a little differnt to.
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