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engine swap

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how long does it take i was goin to swap my other trans in but i was thinkin of yanking the other motor to and swaping it im eventually doing it anyways but just a thought for the weekend before i start theyre escort gts mines a 94w/160k the parts cars a 93 with 115k that i gotta put a timing belt in

by the way i do know what im doing ive been working at a shop for a couple yrs now ive swaped a few 2.8s and 3.1s a 3000gt motor and some others i just wanna know from someone whos done it theyre identical cars except the year
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6 hours for just the tranny...i'd say about 15 hours for the engine and tranny. note, thats just got it installed, gettin it to run right might take a lil longer.
with a clutch...you dont actually have to drop out the tranny....i'm talking full swap...ESPECIALLY to make sure you did it right..i take a little time to make sure everything is aligned...connected right and all....

and yes, engine has a decent amount...You are alos working with rusted bolts....aka exhaust manifold.....making sure everything is unhooked, draining oil....coolant....then adding it all again makin sure everything...who wants to do a quick swap then find out somethig is f****d up....so no IM not kidding

Edit: Egtdude mod edit
WTF??? what is ur problem? why are u startin stuff... i said "fucked" not referring to anyone, just cus fucked sounds alot worse than messed up. u say "i messed up" and that sounds like you put a plug in the wrong order...you say "i fucked up" and it sounds like you put the coil in backwards...

you are the one who said.... "uh ohhhhh moderators" i said sigh...beause you are an immature baby for even calling out nark like that...so dont call me a dick...grow up man.

now back to topic....
1) u believe i dont follow rules..ok -------IT DONT MATTER IF U THINK I FOLLOW RULES.

2)u brushed it off----------good for you..because thats ALL you can do...

3)stomp my feet and complain----------oh freakin well...shrugs whhooppdee dooo..

dont act like ur someone w/ high power...dont be a baby and grow up....You are always starting stuff on here...esp w/ that stupid little comment about "escorts arent worth the money, junk it for something else" you take everything out of proportion, bug the heck out of me, just freakin grow up.
"its funny how morons dont get the facts before they go into flip mode"

yeh thast you too buddy... i never said i didnt care about rules...i merely said "f*ed" up because it wasnt derrogatory toward anyone and it was a better word...

my whollle argument was this...your sarcasm for something you cannot controll...you arent a mod so dont act like it, if someone is gonna yell at me, i'd like it to be a mod...

**james, i was referring to the topic about the kid who had probs w/ his scort and someone said "for that much money you can buy another gt"...i said that was stupid because a car is your car....then sittinlow chimed in about ertd or w/e it is and said ppl like that were the reason he quit going....then a few topics later he kept draggin it on answering ppl's probs w/ "might as well buy another gt"
suppose maybe u didnt notice but umm.....its already been taken care of by egtdude..thanks for the concern
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