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engine swap

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how long does it take i was goin to swap my other trans in but i was thinkin of yanking the other motor to and swaping it im eventually doing it anyways but just a thought for the weekend before i start theyre escort gts mines a 94w/160k the parts cars a 93 with 115k that i gotta put a timing belt in

by the way i do know what im doing ive been working at a shop for a couple yrs now ive swaped a few 2.8s and 3.1s a 3000gt motor and some others i just wanna know from someone whos done it theyre identical cars except the year
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wow nice to see mommie let the kiddies have the puter for a little bit.

92: please try to keep the swearing down. It is one of the new rules. I'm not gonna ban people for sliping up now and then but I do ask you try to keep it down.

95: he's right your not a mod and don't need to be doing the whole "ohhh I'm gonna tell on yyyooouuuuuu" thing. IT only pisses people off. also with the whole addresses comment your are getting offly close to what got you in trouble before.

and in closing how does any of this even remotly help this dude with his engine swap!?!? if you two have a problem with each other take it to PM land.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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