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Engine Stuttering Problem...HELP!

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I have an 1989 Escort LX with the single port fuel injection 1.9L motor. Upon startup, the car will initially idle in the 2-3k rpm range before settling down. When driving it, the car stutters, jerks, and hesitates at almost every engine speed except WOT. I´ve replaced the fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. This is a most irratating problem. The car runs and usually doesn´t stall despite this problem. It starts right up and doesn´t seem to lack any power. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecaiated.
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Check your intake tube, it could be torn causing dirty air to get in after the MAF and filter, causing the engine to stumble. it seems to be a common problem with Escorts and their intake tubes. ford should have made them out of something besides that crappy rubber/plastic.
yeah, being that you have an older scort ... prob might be different the intake prob is usually limited to the second gens...but I say check it too.
ditto. check that your plug wires are seated correctly, check that all the fuel injectors are hooked up correctly, and check for leaks in that black rubber hose connectring the air filter and the intake manifold. also check the intake manifold... I´ve seen some scorts where lines coming off the vacuum tubing "tower" have worn right through the manifold and essentially left a hole.
I´ll check those things tonight. Remember, I only have a single fuel injector (not four).

I guess one other question I have, could a bad EGR or PCV valve cause this problem???
I have seen a PCV cause idle problems. That´s easy though. I would just replace it. It is only a couple of bucks and not worth trying to figure out.

I have found that a dirty EGR usually causes problems when the engine is warm and you are slowing down to a stop. It idles very roughly.
I´d bet it´s the EGR solenoid valve.
1.9 CFI´s dont have MAF´s they´re speed density.

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So whatever was the end result and or fix here
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