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Well i stumble upon a 90 escort lx for $500 and i was considering on buying it. THe thing is i dont know anything about it but i know a lot on the 2nd gen. escort mainly the 94 escort lx since i own one.

If your willing to extend your knowlegde of the 1st gen. escort lx remember its 1990 1.9 i think its cvh. I will greatly appericate your effort and graitude for sharing.

Let me tell some details about the escort.
Its a silver 2door car. Basically new tires. Some body damage but not too dragisitc. A/c and heater works. No power sterring. interoir is in good shape but some rips but nothing to bad. IT seems like the tie rod or axles or rack-n-pinion need to be replace.THATS IT THAT I SEEN!! It runs and drives and its a 5speed. It had 28,000 and some miles. It might have turned over but looking at the engine bay it hasnt turned over .

THE main question is that what engine swap could you swap into it (escort related)
Web links to parts for it.
Web links to performance parts to 90 escort lx
If there any websites that do detail swaps for it.
SPECS for the car

ANd thats basically it. Or if you feel like suggesting ideas plz list.
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