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Beaverboy responed to my introductory post last week that if my '93 LX had "a 2 door hatch with no power steering", then I had a Pony (I don't, by the way :( ). Could someone help eloborate on what all a Pony possesses that a regular LX doesn't?

Thanks much!


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It's more along the lines of what a pony does not posess.

The pony is the most absolute basic escort.

1.9L SEFI Engine
Manul Steering
No A/C
No Power Nothing
Basic Radio
Manual Mirrors
steel rims w/ wheel covers (13")

LX's have:

1.9SEFI engine
Power Steering
Power mirrors
14" wheels

and may also have:

Power windows
casset or cd player (later years)
alloy wheels.

Just off the top of my head. I'm sure I missed some other info and will be reminided promptly :wink:

Matt 8)

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if memory serves me right: the pony also doesn't have a rear defroster. or a trunk/gas release (even though that option was taken away from ALL escorts after 1993).

the pony also doesn't have the protective moldings on the sides of the doors (the ones to save your doors from shopping carts hitting the sides.

i've seen very few ponys with sunroofs, but i think they may have been aftermarket add-ons, because they aren't powered sunroofs.

...and the ponys may occasionally be seen with a neat "pony" sticker on the sides of the front quarter panels. that is, if the car hasn't rusted away at that point yet. (it's terrible, in my town, i have seen ponys in junkyards that are in better condition than the ones on the road.)

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no tach, some had diffretn door panels like a basic peice of plastic looking, and manual sterring! and in later years probably still had the smaller brakes, hence thats why some lx have 14 inch steelies, casue 13 will not fit over the bigger brakes, the rub and wont move!

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Here's what mine had when I first got it:

No A/C
No rear defroster
13" steelies w/ no hubcaps, just center caps
No radio or speakers
No rubber insert for the cupholders
No passenger mirror, and manual driver's mirror
Grey bumpers
No side molding
No center reflector between the tail lights
Vinyl door panels
Seats were all vinyl except for cloth seating surface
No trunk pop or gas door popper
Single dome light w/ no map lights
No tachometer
No tilt steering
No cruise control
And most importantly: The lightest weight of any production escort
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