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I´m looking for a place to pick up eibach springs for cheap...any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Any speed shop can normally get them... I paid $425 for mine in Ottawa...

If you want Tokico struts to go with them (assuming 2nd Gen Escort), let me know, I can get them for roughly $375 shipping included.

how would we do the payments?
Do u want me to send u money up front?
Then you send? Or will you bill me for them?
Check Ebay for those springs as well. I got a set for $220Cdn. I think I was lucky but I also saw another set this week for not much more. I really recommend that Eibach spring + Ford Racing (Tokico) strut combination and recommend taking Ryan up on his offer. He´s a stand-up guy.
- Rob
Yeah...He is a "stand-up guy".

I got my Tokicos all nicley packed and shipped up to me (They are a nice shiney black as well)

Plus...if you´re here in Canada....you don´t have to pay any brokerage fee for cross border delivery!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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