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ECU placement 94 escort lx

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.8L DOHC' started by mitsy919, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. mitsy919

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    I need to replace my ecu in my 94 escort. I was told it's on the passenger side but not where it is located. Can someone please help?

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  2. denisond3

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    Welcome to the forums.
    If you are talking about the main engine control computer, its pretty much centered at the bottom front of the console, but you access it from the passenger footwell. You take off a plastic cover that is down by the passenger's left foot; I think its held on by panel fasteners rather than screws. Then you will see the computer. Its held in a bracket, and I think you will need to loosen the bolts/nuts on the bracket, and to unscrew the big connector and work it off the computer.

    Im wondering why you know you need to replace that ECU? They are pretty reliable, but where they are located, a leaking heater core can soak them with coolant; which is bad for them of course.

    Some time around the 1994 production year, Ford changed what they called the computer. Before that, in 91-through 93, the engine control electronics was called the Electronic Engine Control - IV (or was it -III?) Beginning sometime in 94 I think they started calling it the PCM, like other car makers were doing. It also got new functions. One example: The control for the automatic transmissions had previously been done by a separate module. After the change the control for the transmission was done by the PCM.

    Anyway, there will be a number on the outside of the computer, and you would need to get another one with the same part number. I believe there are two part numbers involved; one for the Escorts with a 5-speed, the other for the Escorts with the automatic transmission.

    I dont think any 'flashing' of the computer is required. You just install the replacement (with the battery disconnected), and after reconnecting the battery it should be ready to drive away.
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  3. Wilberforce

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    Please elaborate on the problem that you are having! Also the LX has the 1.9 SOHC. Please confirm!
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