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Original working ECU pulled from my 1993 Escort GT 1.8L with automatic transaxle. I had replaced it trying to fix an issue, but it turned out to be something else entirely and nothing wrong with the computer.
1993 Ford Escort GT ECU Computer Denso 1.8 Mazda Engine automatic transmission | eBay

CP9116 adapter cable to connect Actron scan tool to MECS diagnostic ports (Ford vehicles with Mazda engines):
Actron CP9116 Diagnostic Adapter Cable for Ford MECS System Escort Probe Festiva | eBay
This cable is unobtanium. Requires certain models of Actron scan tool with Ford module (neither included.)

Please do not contact me here. I was an active FEOA member many years ago, but I have not owned this car since 2006.
I did want to say, though-- I regret not keeping the car and swapping in a 5 speed. I loved my EGT, but the automatics in these cars were absolute trash. Even when they're not blowing up, the solenoids and control architecture are wonky, stubborn, and inconsistent. If you have an auto, do yourself a favor and do the swap before you give up on it (or wind up stuck on the side of the highway.) I could have fixed the problem 20 years ago with a Saturday, some tools, a case of beer, and a few hundred bucks in junkyard parts. Seems silly to look back on it now.
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