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EBAY 20HP mod

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I noticed something. There are a whole bunch of ads for this supposed chip that we all know is just a resister. The person selling them goes by the name of mods_innovations seems like everyone noticed that it is nothing but a resistor. I just wish there was some way to educate the people that purchase one of these and realize they got ripped off. oh well there are always gonna be people who want to take advantage of those who don't know.

***Climbs down from soap box***
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Some people just don't have the "spider sense" that goes off like a battleship's deck gun when outrageously ficticious claims are made.. whether it be a carpet cleaning solution that can remove anything yet leave the carpet unhurt.. a car wax that can deflect highpowered laserbeams yet let light shine through.. an oil treatment that lets you drive around without oil.. a machine that processes nuclear waste into pure water.. an 'under the counter 'pill that will enlarge your penis.. a cologne that will make women fawn all over you.. a free anything..
Not to say a class action lawsuit wouldn't work. Selling $.05 resistors to people at $5 a pop and not telling them what it is... might not hold up in court.. who knows.

In any case, I wouldn't spend $.05 on ebay for something that wasn't described well.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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