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If people got the money to spend on it, why not? I got screwed off Ebay before. stupid headlights were tinted blue and advertised as HID simulated bright white & built with German-engineering. That's 15 dollars i want back, but it's no big deal. I can use them if I build a show car.

I'm sure it'll give these "tuners" a whopping 1.04 hp to which they'll go "damn I can feel the extra surge of power now" meanwhile they'll pull up to some guy in a 280 ci Mustang, race and proceed to get a good look at those sexy vertical taillamps.

Wouldn't this mod be good for a cooling effect? tricking the ECU to thinking the air is colder than it is would make it introduce more fuel right? extra unburned fuel tends to cool the engine in itself. So I dunno. it'll give you bad gas mileage plus barely any extra hp. good deal. :roll:
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