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I was chatting with an old friend of mine the other day and we got on the subject of how much fun we used to have in my Mustang. We got to talking about this one time when we were sitting in the left turn lane waiting for a green arrow. We had the top down and the radio blasting, an we were just chillin and enjoying the nice warm March AZ night. We then hear this revving noise in the lane to our right, also a left turn lane, so I look over to see what punk wants to get his butt handed to him and loe an behold there is a city buss next to us. My friend looks at me and says, "I Think he wants to race." So I rev back and he lurches forward a bit and revs again. We bust up laughing and I agree, this dude wants to race. So the green arrow comes, and I give it a little gas and blow him away. To this day every time I'm at that intersection I alway mention the time a city bus tried to race my Mustang. God I can't wait to get my stang running again.

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I don't like racing easy cars. For example, the other day, I came up on an 95ish civic in my 93 escort GT... The car was a bit done up. Probably just as much as my car on the engine. But his car wasn't an Si, I don't think. I already felt like I was going to woop his butt, cause I'm used to racing stangs and merc cl600's (493 hp @ 5,000 rpm); and I didn't want to waste my time. I've been a maniac (manic depressive in the past) and I have a long history of racing in every car you can imagine; crashed a lot of cars too.

Plus my father was in my car and we were having a pleasant conversation, and I didn't want to tell him that I was doing a race on the side. So I launch in first and I dusted him before I hit 50 km/h; I gave up. He overtook me and got in front of me after I gave up.

But I've raced some nasty mustangs in the past. Once I raced an 85ish mustang that had a lot of work to it. It probably had a blower on it, and a lot of body work. We went off the line. I didn't take the race seriously. I should have... But he dusted me just as I was shifting to third.

I raced a mustang GT in my parents BMW 328i. I could easily keep up. Problem was there was too much traffic and speeds were too high. I didn't want a nasty ticket. And I felt bad that I was racing in my parents car. The 328i can reach 240 km/h (149 mph) in no time at all and I don't know how much faster it goes after that; but I know its got room to pick up. I never had either enough road or enough guts/stupidity in traffic.

But the best race I had with a stang was... in a 97 miata speedster. I was going with my top down in the middle lane trying not to speed. On the third lane comes a honda s2000 with its top down and a gay blond guy in it, and behind it a suped up mustang gt convertible with its top down and a tough black guy in it. I observed for a sec. Dropped back a bit... watching... then I'm like YEAH BABY, YEAH!!! Big Grin on my face :D

So I let the miata rip. Redlining in every gear, 3rd, 4th. 3rd, brake, 2nd, 3rd, brake, 3rd
There was some medium traffic.

The other drivers were in much more powerful cars but they couldn't keep up to me. I was deadly focused on my shifting, steering and braking. I was withing 50 rpm of redline 96% of the time. I misshifted (off by 100 rpm about 4 times in 200 shifts). I was dead on. That is how I won the race. :D I got about 3 miles ahead of them...

We did everything illegal.

You think those police chases on TV are dangerous... Wow.... What we did was sick...

And it was a competition.

And my little miata was winning.

Man, if I was in that mustang, I was have been 6 miles ahead.

Anyhow, once we got to an open stretch, that's when the power of those two cars showed....

I was doing 210 km/h in the miata....

The other two cars ripped passed me at 250 km/h probably.

I decided to give up... Because I didn't want a nasty ticket.

Point of my story is two fold. It tells of my kills... two its says that I don't race cars I'm pretty sure I'm going to beat.

Another key point....

I don't race anymore. I drive under the speed limit. The reason for this is that I want to make myself rich. I have got over 12 speeding tickets in the last 4 years. Its cost a fortune. My insurance rate is $6000 for liability alone per year. If any of you think racing doesn't come at a cost, think again. :lol:
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