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Brakes Early Focus Brakes on 1st Gen?

Discussion in '1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH' started by mad thiccy koby escy, Jan 4, 2019.

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    After doing some reading along here, the bolt pattern for the two of them is 4x108 for the 98-05 focuses.

    I have a couple questions, and maybe some of you have tried this, or maybe this question has been answered somewhere before; would the rotors from focuses work on the front disc brakes of my '88 GT??
    Would they work if the rear spindles were taken off too and replaced?
    Would the rear spindles work as well? I scavenged the a yard in a nearby state and found many of these year focuses, and found many complete rear drums.
    Would this change which shocks mount in the back?
    Does anyone know if it's even worth to swap the rear drums for rear drums??
    I want to upgrade to a 'drilled/slotted rotors or one or the other' setup in the front and I'm not sure exactly what my options are.
    I found these that look like they might work- 4x108, but I'm not sure if all the symmetry will line up.
    Thanks for your inputs
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    I won't bother with the Focus drums, that's a LOT of work for no improvement. Find an SVT Focus so you can have rear discs and bigger front rotors :D
    I haven't had them side by side to know the difference though.....

    Last summer I found out Ford Contour front calipers are nearly identical to the 81-83 Escort front calipers. This spring I'll see how the rotors compare and if the Contour's rear discs can be adapted to the Escort.....
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