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Early 90s Topaz

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Ok I was going out to get something to eat, and i had pulled around this Topaz to get in front of him when the road bottle necks and merges with the US route 930...well when I got around him and then got to the next stoplight he pulled up next to me and was prolly sittin there rarin to go...well when the light turned green I wasn´t paying attention and took off like I normally do, sprinted the engine to 5000 rpms and shifted, hit about 4000 rpms in second and then suddenly here comes this Topaz flyin around me...I was laughing my ass off cause he was actually TRYING. LOL So he swerved out in front of me in my lane, so i took off my hoodie (to see better side to side of me) and sped up, went into the right lane to pass him and just kept going, well he sped up and started tailgatin me..... BRAKE CHECK! drop to second gear, floor it...he never caught back up & then he turned off into an addition, so i kept going, turned around down another road and went and figured out where he went and just drove by him as he was turning around. hehe i think I surprised him.
So basically I killed a Topaz without trying, with my new struts in my trunk which is already filled with various junk that just weighs my car down. haha how pathetic. he musta felt so foolish. Don´t those Topaz´s have the 2.3s in them or something??
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LMMFAO...good kill bro :)
well they have an optional 3 liter 135 hp vulcan V6 and if it is a coupe and a stick they are actually not too slow. :-D
Yeah but think about that a 3 liter pushing 135 hp? that´s pathetic. it´s only 8 more hp than the 1.8s put out. The torque better be like 160+ if that 3.0 is only pushing 135 horses.
ya but it is a TOPAZ. :cool: :-?
I did not say it would be fast enough to beat a EGT. I just said that combo is not too slow. I have heard that combo beats a Z24 Automatic of same era. I forgot to mention the v6 started for 92 and the guy probly didnt have the combo of v6 and stick since it is uncommon. If it was a 91 or older he had a 4. Mustve been some kid in his moms car and got a little bold. Theres no way it could come close.
Dude, an Auto 2nd gen EGT will kill a Z24. I´ve killed them with my Manual easily. Hence my cars´ nickname.
I know that. I was talking about the Topaz. To restate, I heard a Topaz/Tempo coupe with V6 and stick is quicker than a 3.1 Z24 auto, but not stick. Or mayby I am misunderstanding.
Why are the 1.8´s so much faster than the 2.3 and 3.0 tempo/topazes? Shouldnt they be able to kill us?
One reason is that those cars are fat a**es. The scort weighs alot less. Also, the scort has DOHC and can rev up to 7,000 rpm! :-]
well I had a tempo with the 2.3 in it, which is basically a topaz. that engine all together was terrible. I mean the car wasn´t really exceptionally slow but it really didn´t have much torque to it , and was a dog off the line. Plus the damn thing weighed around 2300lbs. I never would race in that car, kid must have been on crack. I mean like blusuki said," it´s a topaz".
thats why I hate that addage "there´s no replacement for displacement" for one, 1.6L Civic SIs, unless I get a GOOD jump on them, will murder me, sad to say but it´s true. The 2000 Lotus Elise 190 with a 1.8L and 190 hp NA will murder a 2000 Mustang Cobra R with it´s 5.4L Triton V8, not by much, but the Lotus badge will come out in front. Besides Topaz´s were meant to be family driven daily drivers, just like the Escort LX. I just never understood why car makers put V6s in cars like that when they could put in 1.8s or 1.9s and get the same gas mileage out of them...
If i had my own car company I´d have light ass sedans with 2.0L Inline 4s making 200 hp/ 200 lb ft torque naturally aspirated that can do the quarter mile in 15 seconds and it still be a family car making 35 miles per gallon :-]
But of course i´d go bankrupt because everyone knows we all want big ass SUVs getting 2 mpg sucking down all the gas.
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