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Dyno Day - 2WD only - SV Engineering, Peabody MA

Discussion in 'North East' started by chapel, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I'm looking tog et some people for a small dyno day in Peabody. I will be writing an article for Project-ST.com on this if there is enough interest and enough Fords show up.

    Going to go to SV Engineering on Route 1 in Peabody MA.
    $75 for 3 runs

    Date August 3, 10am

    6 car minimum.

    If you're interested, let me know.

    Email me to let me know if you want to come. I'll have this at a few other sites as well. Gmail - Chapel976

    Dyno day will be at SV Engineering in Peabody on August 3.

    We are looking to get modern dyno data points from all cars.
    Dyno runs are $75 (2WD Only) for 3 runs with monitoring.

    All cars are invited

    Email me to sign up

    Previous Dyno Days
    2010 @ ESP
    2009 @ ESP
    2008 @ ESP
    2007 @ Swift


    SV Engineering will be our dyno this year. Why the change from ESP? Well, the 4 guys that asked me to do it this time are FWD only and they wanted me to try some place closer to home. ESP has been great and I will continue to support them. I just wanted to mix it up this time around.

    Dyno Day Information

    - Dyno Day rates are $75 per vehicle. This includes up to 3 horsepower pulls
    - Dyno Days require a minimum of 6 cars and typically a maximum of 15 cars. If more than 15 vehicles are signed up for the event, we will have a standby list
    - The organizer of the event That's me is responsible for putting together the schedule and working with the dyno operator throughout the event.

    START TIME TO BE DETERMINED! - HOWEVER, if you have time constraints (need to leave early or can't show up until later) I WILL FIND A WAY TO GET YOU ON THE DYNO! So don't shy away from the early start times... please.

    HAVE FUN. Everyone is there trying to have fun, INCLUDING MYSELF! if you got looked over at the dyno day and you didn't come up and say something to me about it, I can't help you.
    Never met me or forget what I look like:
    Hi, I'm the one on the right.

    Upon arrival, you should come find me, tell me your name and what you're running and I'll give you your order for running.

    PRICE$75 for 3 runs.
    My dyno days are always paid at the dyno facility to the operators with cash or card on the day of the event. No upfront payments, no dealing with a middle man. Can't make it? let me know a few days in advance so I can move someone from reserve to active.

    Food - TO BE DETERMINED! Depending on how people want to do this, I may try to find a way to get food brought there. Unlike ESP, SV does not have a grille or provide free food for participants.

    Walk-ins - Come one, come all... but if you show up unannounced, you get to wait and POSSIBLY NOT RUN! So, just enjoy the day if that's the case.

    Prepping your car - Fill your car up with gas before you come
    Get your car warmed up and ready while the car ahead of you is currently running.

    Read this articles to maximize your results:

    This is not sponsored or brought to you or whatever by anyone besides me. So if you wanna run, I don't care if you're an individual, part of a group/clique/club/gang/herd, come on down. I also don't care what you bring, as long as it'll roll on the dyno. (No Zambonis)

    JUST HAVE FUN! Leave any drama at the door. If you have a problem, question, negative comment or any concern send me a private message or email BEFORE BLASTING ME ONLINE.
    If you have any suggestions on how I can run this better, the same applies. I'm always looking to maximize the enjoyment of everyone at these events and get as many people on the dyno and off in our alloted time (which generally ends at 4PM)

    Email me at chapel 976 at gmail (remove spaces, add .com... you know how it works) to sign up. Please don't rely 100% on this board to be the sign up location as I have it posted on a few other sites as well.

    Email me - I think I've said that about 5 times now, but why not once more for good measure:
    Your name
    The YEAR, MAKE, MODEL AND LICENSE PLATE # of your car.
    Whether you are a previous customer of SV
    If you are a previous customer, if you've dynoed the car you're dynoing before.
    What type of drivetrain you have (FWD, RWD)
    Please also let me know the mods you’ve done to your car so that I have an updated spreadsheet for the video I produce afterwards.
    We’re looking for people to do video and photography as well (hosting of video and photography can be arranged by me if you don’t have a place to put it)

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