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Okay, so I was thinking about getting a new head unit and was curious about what putting one in would involve, so I decided to take the old one (+ ac controls) out and check out how hard it would be. Good news - I found out it's freakin' EASY and why would I pay someone to put it in for me like my mom did? Bad news - the temp control on the AC is attached by a steel cable, and it's not electronic, the knob thing turns a gear that goes under the dash and attaches onto a reel that slips onto a dowel that's flat on one side with a little bump sticking up. Still with me?

To get the head unit back in with a working ac temp knob (I could care less - I'd just turn it to heat all the way and leave it that way for the winter - my mom would notice and raise hell about the fact that the AC was blowing hot air though.) I had to pull off the little reel that goes on top of the dowel with the bump on it, so I could reattach the cable to the face plate. The HU went in smoothly after that, and I was feeling pretty good, then I found out that I apparently broke that reel part and it just sorta slides on and off now. When it's on the AC controls work fine, but every once in a while it started falling off. So, true to my sig, it's duct taped on now. For you third genners out there, does anybody know what this thing is called and where I can get it? I went to a local junk yard but I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's located on the side of the center console up underneath the dash, where you can't see unless you stick your head up underneath it.

Another tid bit of news from my 'stupid projects that shouldn't be messed with' was trying to fit my stock CD changer into my glovebox. DO NOT ATTEMPT this, as it will NOT fit without totally cutting up the glove box and even then I couldn't get it to close properly without really jamming on it hard. I cut up and broke one of the things that holds the glovebox up when it's opened, and there are now two large holes in the back and I have duct tape over them (to keep my insurance and car manual junk that I carry around from falling backwards into the floor). I've finally decided to quit messing with my interior 'cause everything I do to it just makes it look worse.

Anyways, if I get a digital camera any time soon I will take a pic of this reel thing that I'm talking about so people can see it. I found one third gen escort in the junk yard and it had an electric system, I need the cable. Also, is there a correct way to get it off without breaking it or did I just yank on it way too hard and it's normally supposed to pop off real easy?

Also, is there a way to replace the carpet without it looking like s***? Last summer I spilled a gallon of white paint on the rear driver's side floorboard because I went around a curve too fast and the hardware store dude didn't tighten down the lid on the can of paint. It's enamel (I think) and I mopped up most of it with my t-shirt frantically but there's still a huge splotch on one half of it and the hump thing that goes down the middle of the car.

Sorry for the long arse post, I just wanna get this stuff fixed... Got a special event comin' up soon I want it to look nice for. And I figured why take up more posts?

Thanks a bunch.

Update: Well I couldn't sleep soo I was up at 4 in the morning working on this stuff. Two out of three problems fixed, third one is in the process. The reel thing didn't need to be replaced - I got a peice of curved steel made to hold hose and put it over part of the cable - it's not going anywhere. I got a piece of sheet metal that I found in my garage, and used screws to put it in the glove box after painting it and the screws black. Never know the difference. The carpet is going to be fixed with brown paint. All this costs me? 5 bucks and it puts my mind at ease. Ah the wonders of jimmying random parts that don't belong into my escort...
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