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James92Scort said:
95EsortSittinLo said:
what do you care if i kill myself just as long as no one else gets hurt your in a bitchy mood tonight jeesh
I think you're making bullcrap assumptions about what i care about. I don't like to hear about people dying, i don't care what age they are or who they are.

I'm in a pissy mood because tonight I realized I'm wasting my time on this site (as great as it is) & I need to get out and do something. I'm so f'ing bored. Today sucked ass. I'm so sick of my jobs, I need a freaking vacation but I have no money to drive to Florida to sit on a beach and stare at topless girls all day. I don't think my car would make it down there anyway. Why can't I have what I want when I want? a 350 with a 6 sp. Sure I'll pay you 250 a month for it. oh but wait "CREDIT" stands in the f'ing way. I make 1800 a month...and they don't trust me with a 10k loan? Stupid world. See? truth hurts.

Stupid freakin customer wanted the phone system to do everything it wasn't capable of. so I spent two full days there not knowing what the hell I was doing in the first place.

no i think james is right....I've noticed this for the past 2 weeks...ppl only post bullshit now...with a few excetpional ppl...

we dont talk about mods nemore, i've had practically no responses on many of my actuall questions....

shit is changing on here, just look at the top 25 and actually look at all the things that are feoa related...i'm gettin tired of seein posts about stupid things...

why dont ppl go out and make mods or do something worth posting about....shit, i'm doin it and i'm broke...i spent 10 bucks the other day and for 20 bucks ne idiot can put power windows in a car...15 bucks and u can get a protege console piece to add somethign cool....NO ONE DOES SHIT ANYMORE...

so i 100% see where james is coming from...neone notice he used to be real quiet and nice and now he posts his thoughts regardless of who it hurts? I did....
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