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136,400 miles.

What are the more common reasons for "drifting"? I'm thinking in terms of Rack & PInion, SteerWheel U-Joints, and Inner Tie Rods................. I'm mentioning these because a major Tire/Alignment Business said they can't align my car because they wanted to sell me a brand new R & P for hundreds of dollars.

Is it common to have the U-Joints wear? Easy to change them out? What about the other two items?

Is this the proper forum? or should I be in the "Repairs"? or "Suspension"? or ????


LarryR : )

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Things that can affect steering drift/pull/wander are the rack bushings, inner and/or outer tie rod ends, worn rack, bad column u-joints(doubtful), ball joints, worn control arm bushings, or even a hanging brake caliper. Racks like any part can wear out, but if there are any doubts, get a second opinion. They must be trying to sell you more than just a rack, most come with inners, unless new, they will put on new outers. Did they flag anything else to get replaced to align?
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