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Double clutching is a term used rather incorrectly in the movie the fast and the furious.Generaly double clutching is used when driving a heavy duty truck.Essentially you push in the clutch twice,once as you come out of a gear and once when you go in.If you actually tried to do this while racing you would miss the gear more often then not.I used to have problems when I drove truck where you don´t use the clutch except to start out.I caught myself instinctively doing it in my car,which I will agree is bad,but not as bad as going to 6th gear in a five speed which I almost did too many times.There is another aspect which used to drive me nuts because I have always been a two footed driver and that is when you drive truck all day and get in the car after work and as you are going down the road you push in the clutch and as you are kissing the windshield you realize that you drove the automatic today.he heh!
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