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dont top it off

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my question is for you tech guys.
by the time i get home from filling up the gas tank, fuel seeps out from what seems to be the top. the lines are dry, and with less gas the better the engine performs.
i wonder if theres a regulator problem, any ideas. please help.
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oh ya, big time.
after an hour theres a nice puddle on my driveway.
oh what i mean by "runs better with low fuel" i mean when running on fummes this thing is fast?
I had thesame problem with my old car. Mustang GT Turbo. Turns out to be a pipe that connects gas door and the tank self. Right where it connects to fuel tank. I used selicon for a while to seal it but after the car became turbo I replaced whole tank.
I have been dealing with the same thing since my car was new. The car has always been a bit gas-fumey on a fill up, but over the years, it has gotten much worse. With a full tank, you can see fuel running down the side of the tank in front of the left rear wheel, and it will leave a puddle. My solution is to put no more than 10 gallons of fuel at a fill. I know that is the a cheap$#*& way of avoiding the repair, but it suffices, for the time being. I suspect that on of the grommets on the topof the tank, or a cracked fuel line, to be the culprit. I will get around to it at some point, but, right now, it is much more fun to play with the performance bits.



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I actually just fixed this same exact problem about two months ago on my 91 escort gt. When you filled it full it would pour out the top of the tank.
Turns out the person who had the car before me forgot to put the rubber o´ring back on when they changed the fuel pump. I don´t know if yours is missing the o´ring, but it if isn´t the one that is there could be bad. I would check that out. Its real easy to get to. Just take out your back seat and remove the metal cover, then remove the fuel lines and fuel pump. Unfortuanatly you cannot buy this o´ring at a regular parts store unless you buy the entire fuel pump. Try your nearest ford dealership they might have it. If not you can use a type of silicone sealant. Make sure it is hardening and gas resistant. I used it on mine and was able to drive from Pennsylvania to Georgia with it like that; no leaks. Another alternitive is to find one in a junk yard. I was able to get a whole new fuel pump, with the rubber o´ring for less than 40 bucks.
Well, hope this info helps. All you can really do is take it apart
to see whats wrong.
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thanks gang, ill have to tackle this problem soon. it gets pretty stinky especially with sunoco 94
and with winter around the bend i´m not going to want to do it in sh**y weather.
maybe ill get a better pump while im at it, anyone have a sugestion?
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