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Done up 80´s Model Scorts

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Hey there its the South African again. with another question. (its a good way too learn Why is it that generally its the 90´s Escorts that are done up be it mechanical and or aesthetically. does anyone have any pics etc. for 80´s models. I´ve got an 81 model and would like some ideas for making her look good, I´ve taken some pics of her as stock I´ll post them when I get a chance but till then any other pics around?

there some very nice 90´s gts etc that i´ve seen but they hold not much relevance to my specific need.
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I am seriously into the 80´s scorts.what are you lookin to do?I have done much to my 89(and the body varies a little from pre 88.5)and some to the 86(very much the same except for the head lights)but I have no pics up yet.(they will be here soon)I have no digital camera so I´m gonna snap some and have them developed and scanned,then put em on disc and post em.But what kinda mods are you thinkin? mine are mostly body.
Well I´m not actuallly sure. I keen just too see what has been done already. I don´t really have a budget at the moment I´m kinda just curios, once i´ve put the pics up you can see. I think its best to highlight what a car has already rather than changing the whole thing completely! its gonna be a process, I want firstly to do a routine supe-up, whilst fiddling with dressing but most things if possible i want to do myself, thats where the fun is!
so don´t stress now I´ll get those pics up (I also have to scan etc.) ASAP and then see from there.
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Hi Jono; Rob in Ottawa, Canada here. Didn´t the Escort name exist overseas before it was introduced in North America? I think that´s where its performance reputation first came from. And those European cars weren´t the same as the car the US and Canada got in the early 80s. So I´m curious: Is your car the same bodystyle as the 1980s car you see on this site? Or is it more like the sportier European cars from the 70s?
- Rob
I think at this Url. you´ll figure out the differences. to be honest I never ever resalised that there was a difference from Europe to America. The car I have is the fod Escort Mk11 as they call it.

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If the image doesn´t work you´ll fing it here http://www.jyanet.com/cap/1129fe1.htm
a pretty interesting article actually.

same except mines blue with a few other little changes.

so. where can I find pics of this car done up if any?

Jono Jamo
Saffa Main-o

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Well it looks like a typical 5 door except for the head lights were the same style as the mid to late 80´s.I wanted to have a blue like city lights now makes, so I drilled two holes in the top of each of my headlight bodies to install two blue 194´s in each then I sealed it with clear silicone & wired it to the output side of the reverse light switch where it goes into the wiring harness and ran a power switch to the same point.Next I put on some of those blue 1157/3157 covers now my blue lights all run on one switch seperate from my normal driving lights.The total cost to do this was $7.50us cause all the 194 sockets I took off old junkers that I knew of and the owners diddn´t care,I had an illuminated fog light switch from some old fog lights the silicone well who doesn´t have some you could use any color and just(well my car´s black)paint the top of the head lights(though while i was at it I just gave every thing behind the grill a new coat).Notes:low profile sockets,mount where hood will clear when shut,get as much wire with sockets as possible,beware the light deflector when drilling holes.Drill holes oblong so top of socket when locked is square with the front top of head light.
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