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Does it have a CD player?

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Hello, I'm looking at buying a 1999 Escort and it seems to have all the features I want and is pretty solid overall. I have only one question, does the tape/cd button on the head unit mean that it has the CD changer in the trunk? They don't list that it has a CD player but it wouldnt suprise me if they overlooked it.
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Hey Joey, I bought a pair of Sony Xs-FB1330 3way speakers for the front of Pony from Crutchfield a few months back. Crutchfield is kind of cool because they provide all the adapters free so there is no drilling or splicing involved. They don't have the base (very important when your wife is an organist (feel the music?)) the Schosh's they replaced had, so I plan on replacing the rears with 5 x 7 base speakers. Since we are now empty nesters, I don't have worry about blowing out ears of the back seat passengers. Come to think about it, there is no back seat in that car right now. Incredibly, Mr. White still has perfectly functioning original FOMOCO's in the rear! Stay away from the Schosh's, they blow the head ends, in our case 2 factories and 2 aftermarkets.
Thanks Mark,
I see those speakers have four mounting screws vs. three in the originals, so I guess there's a little adapting. Do they clear the manual window regulators etc.?
Yes! The speakers are smaller than the factory ones and the adapter has a 3 hole pattern among others. Yes, the window clears them, and it even comes with speaker to OEM electrical adapters. Just be sure they know that they are going into an Escort. Rears are little more problematic. Their program seems to think that rear Speakers are the same as the fronts. With 8 washers each and a little judicious placement on the grill they will fit there, but I prefer more bass so I will be putting the 5 x 7 bass speaakers there.
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