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Does it have a CD player?

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Hello, I'm looking at buying a 1999 Escort and it seems to have all the features I want and is pretty solid overall. I have only one question, does the tape/cd button on the head unit mean that it has the CD changer in the trunk? They don't list that it has a CD player but it wouldnt suprise me if they overlooked it.
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Wow, that's excellent, detailed info 4Cylinder.
Reminds me that I need to do something about the failing system in my '92. I did fix the cassette player a couple years ago, but I'm down to one crackly crappy stock speaker in the car. I guess it's no longer a priority.

I did drive my 1989 B2200 on a two day road trip two years ago after some creep stole the CD player (in this day and age!) and I actually was fine with no radio / music the whole trip. Just the music of that 88hp fire breathing power plant.
Thanks Mark,
I see those speakers have four mounting screws vs. three in the originals, so I guess there's a little adapting. Do they clear the manual window regulators etc.?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts