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Discount Parts for 1.8

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Remeber guys, i work for a mazda dealership so i can get you all a good discount on any 1.8 parts you need. Just email me at [email protected]" target="_new">[email protected] and i can quote it for you.

What do you mean your S2000 is faster then my escort?

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Your PCV Valve is most likely plugged.
Replace it.
If your car doesn´t have one (older model Escorts) then check the hose that runs into your Valve cover for leaks, cracks, or internal swelling.
That´s why you´re spewing oil out from in between the VC Gasket.
There´s probably too much pressure under the valve cover which is forcing
the oil to leak through the seal.

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PCV Valves are VERY easy to install on your own.
They´ll only cost you around $10 and will take no more than 1/2hr (for the beginner mechanic) to install.
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