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Dinks And Dents.

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I Have a couple of dinks and dents in my escort, one on the right door, and another in the rubber linings, on the left driver door, any suggestions of how to get em out?,. or should i take it to a pro?
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I have a funny dent in my passenger side door from stupid people trying to close it with their hip. No chipped paint, just a dent. I´ve tried a lot of things. undenting it from the inside, using a dent puller (the one that you DON´T drill a hole in the car with. The suction cup type) and nothing has worked so far. I would have it done professionally, unless you´re good at bodywork type stuff, in which case I´d go ahead and fix it myself.

Anyone else had this problem already?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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