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Ding King...

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Well, I am usually not a "As Seen On TV" kind of guy, but I thought, "What the hell, why not?", so I bought one.

I just got done using it on my car, and I´m gonna have to give it four out of five stars. Not a bad product at all. While it does work, as with most "do it yourself and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars" products, it does have its downsides.

One thing is that it says it is only for OEM finishes (I don´t remember them saying anything about that in the infomercial). Also, it may, and I quote, "...take up to ten tries for the dent to come completely out." or something to that extent. :eek:) And another downside is that the glue gun you use must plug into a wall outlet. I think they should have it plug into your cigarette lighter for convenience. So you´ll either have to have an inverter for your car, or be within reach (with or without and extention cord) of a standard 120v outlet.

It does take some time and patience to get the dent(s) completely out, but in the end, I think it did a pretty good job.

If you´ve got any more questions about the forementioned product, please feel free to ask.
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Well, all of my dents were pretty shallow, some the size of my fist approximately (they were on the roof). I also has two dents on the front quarterpanel right on the bend. I thought those would be really tough, as they were on the bend and they were maybe the size of a nickle/quarter, but those actually came out easier, and look like they never existed.
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