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Didn´t Kill, but held my gound

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coming home from work I killed one of the techs in his 77 Datsun pickup (its mod´ed), and the other tech that was closing in his 77 Datsun SX....but...

When I pulled onto the highway a early 90´s Firebird pulled up on my rear really close...when the passing lane opened up, I dropped to 3rd (at 65mph), and the guy couldn´t pass me at all. He followed right on my bumper up to 115mph, but couldn´t pass.

Still I4 held its ground against a V8...I´d say that´s not bad at all.
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Later on tonight I was cruising around with my friend Mike in his 3000GT-VR4, and the guy saw me and actually tried to play with the 3000GT...sad, really sad.


Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT

[ Edited by TheBlade On Date 07-29-2002 ]
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News flash: I4 held it´s own against V8. SWEET. i love news like that. but the more i think about it, it makes sense. Most V8s have 1 intake per cylinder, making it a low RPM Engine. high speeds generally mean higher RPMs, where the EGT shines. The only problem with this thinking is that the first night my friend had his 01 Mustang GT, i couldn´t catch up to him. but i figure hey, it´s because there´s lots of long curves on the highway i was doing it on

You say this moron was trying to play with a 3000GT VR4? even in stock form that car does 0.60 in 4.7 seconds. not a smart move on that guys part. Thats the same supercar-territory that the 2000 Mustang Cobra R, 2001 Lotus Elise 190, and Dodge Viper R/T 10 hang out.
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Yeah, you said it James...The 3000GT VR4 is AWESOME. So far the most fun I´ve had in driving a car. First car to really kinda scare me too.

Well, yeah I held my own..but I´ve had a fun time mod´ing up my EGT too

New Kill for tonight too: My neighbor has a 9X Toyota prerunner. I think its a 2.2L I4...but I let him launch till I could see tail lights..by the time I was deep in second I was flying past him
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wasn´t there a faster version released only in Japan...but isn´t that always the case...maybe I should move there just for the cars!
there´s always a faster version somewhere
Yes, us Americans (and Canadians too) get screwed in the sport compact car department. Although we got some pretty strong cars here, the new dodge neonSRT10, the WRX, the viper, Mustangs Camaros, Corvettes, etc. but Europe and Japan get the hopped up versions of the plain cars we see. it´s not fair, but it does make it easier to Super scort my Baby and kill a $28,000 dollar Mustang GT
Which is what i´m aiming for. all i gotta do is drop 2.6 seconds and i´ll be in front of my friend, all be it a very short lead. but hey it´s still a lead hehe

Red 92 EGT
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On 2002-07-28 22:01, TheBlade wrote:
I dropped to 3rd (at 65mph)


How do you get up to 65mph in second?!
I can get up to like 45 (maybe... tops) in my LX and it feels like I´m redlining it... it´s just as far as it will go. Of course I don´t have a tac, and I don´t want to throw a rod or anything... buy 65mph! wow.
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