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DiabloSport DeltaChip

Tuning Module

DiabloSport DeltaChip is our current "State of the Art" multi tune shift on the fly module for 89-04 Ford EEC vehicles. DeltaChip is the recognized industry leader in design, fit and function.

DiabloSport DeltaChip gives you the power to move from two performance calibrations, and allows you to convert back to your OEM calibration with a simple flick of the switch. DeltaChip is configured with either a standard flip switch, or LED back lit switch for ease of viewing operating modes. A key accessed "kill switch" is featured to allow end user ECU power up security.

DiabloSport Dealers may log onto our Dealer Shop to access DiabloSports database of performance calibrations for everything Ford. This extensive database includes vehicle specific calibrations from normally aspirated to custom forced induction applications insuring DiabloSport Dealers have coverage for all Ford gas and diesel powered vehicles all the time!

DeltaChip Features:

Capable of switchingbetween two tunes "on-the-fly".

Never before seen feature of allowing the chip to be turned completely off.

For gas engines, you have the option of an 87 octane program and a premium octane program.

Ideal for nitrous, race fuel, street and strip.

Standard switch that lets you switch between stock and two performance programs.

Dual horsepower levels for Powerstrokes.

For diesel engines, both a 54HP program and a 78HP program.

Many possibilites such as Nitrous Oxide, Performance/Towing combinations, etc.

Optional LED switch that indicates the state of the chip by changing color.

Optional kill switch controlled by a key and lock type switch. When enabled, the vehicle will not start.

Sleek design installs inside the computer.

DiabloSport PowerPuck Module installs in nine easy steps and in less than an 10 minutes, no wires to cut, no seals will be broken and no feeding cables through the firewall.

DiabloSport Chip Fits:
• 1989-2004 Ford

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Another e-bay part that won't fit a first gen Escort. Why do all the auctions for crappy parts list as fitting an 89, but not all the first gens then?
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